30 June 2019

#024 - Learning to Code ASP.NET Like It's 2013

I am literally obsessed with intermediate video lessons on C# despite being new to C#. I decided to pay a 1-yr subscription to Bob Tabor's video collection, as I think his content would complement the C# video series by Mosh Hamedani (Code with Mosh).

I'm still wagering the open bet that Mosh's material is more concise, but I also need to pace myself as Mosh does cover certain techniques that I need to re-watch several times through.

Mind you, I was disheartened to discover that Bob's fundamental series is from 2013. At least Mosh's material is only a couple years old. Nonetheless, I am somewhat content to be exposed to ASP.NET quite early on and the gloriously-old Visual Studio 2013 IDE, which is something I have never witnessed, nor understood - until subscribing to Bob. On a positive note, one of the reasons for adopting Bob's video courses is the mini projects. I am confident I can better understand the C# syntax when there are progressive projects, alongside the technical know-how from Mosh.

For someone who is pro open source, I value exposing myself to all trends and technologies, even proprietary stuff like ASP.NET web pages. Anyhow, I am curious how I could utilise ASP.NET as a portfolio segment. Who knows, I may port over my JavaScript quiz project to ASP.NET, but I suspect ASP.NET will likely amalgamate with the .NET framework and C# apps.