7 July 2019

#025 - The 2-Week Summer Sabbatical

Technically, it'll be a 13-day vacation to immerse myself in video training and code. Who would have thought an intense 'break' would equate to rest or fun?

Most folk think grilling their semi-naked bodies on a beach is the forward-thinking way of having a good time. For me, it's being productive with my time.

I have arranged a very improvised main menu over the course of my 2-week sabbatical.

For starters, I'll have the time to sit through my kiddie maths books and explore the Singapore Method. It would also be fun to explore the mathematics behind solving my Rubik's cube and understanding the data structure of a standard Sudoku grid.

The main course will consist of further frontend development and C# - lightly seasoned with C++ and Python, as I dabble with some technical projects using my Arduino kit and Raspberry Pi. I may consider exploring mobile app development using a framework like Electron.

For dessert, I will indulge in chess lessons on the side. I may even capture some sounds using my field recording kit. Who knows, the pitter patter of rain or the birds tweeting and chirping could form my new sound library of the natural surroundings. I'm not into ASMR, but I do like ambient sounds.