17 November 2019

#037 - SQL Data Mining #100DaysOfCode

SQL queries are genuinely fun! I am settled with the foundations of SQL as I continue to tinker with custom SQL reports for commercial partnerships at work.

I am beginning to appreciate that data is knowledge, and with knowledge comes power.

I like how SQL is structured in nature when retrieving datasets and transforming selected data in tabular views. I find SQL similar to CSS to the extent that SQL appears to run sequentially, otherwise you will run into errors.

What I really find fascinating in my learning of SQL as a programming language is the Inception-inspired query when using JOIN ON statements based on unique identifiers from other tables. After all these years of using and installing web-based platforms that utilise SQL databases, I now know the importance of the primary key.

Of course, the more JOINS your deploy to your custom SQL, as you scope the bigger picture - you secretly wish you owned a panoramic monitor to view the SELECT columns from a given table, but it also underlines the need to design smart databases.

I have yet to watch and learn the advanced course material on security practices and designing databases, but I am glad I am choosing to explore a fantasy football project as a new portfolio work during my spare time.

When I process my custom SQL query reports for our commercial partners at work, I am inspired to refine my queries to capture the most relevant data needed. The other thing that I had to Google help for was converting datestamps within a MySQL database.

So yeah, databases are fun when querying data. However, I think when deploying new systems using off-the-shelf products, or when designing a new system from scratch - I believe data and security and database design are all paramount. You can focus too much on the cosmetic design for the end user, but if you can't extract custom data at the request of the end user, whilst allowing the options to customise user data, it defeats the purpose of software development. Speaking of which... I should really start to design my database for this fantasy football project.