Hello World!

The Joy of Programming is a personal journey, as I overcome my fears of the bits and bytes of programming and experience the joy of solving problems with code.

The notion to document my journey in the form of a blog is to partially encourage myself, as I seek to reskill myself in modern web technologies - initially starting from scratch in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript ES6... and beyond!

Back in the day, I graduated from a glorified computer science degree programme that was severely dated in content and skills. It didn't give me confidence, nor was I convinced to pursue my desired industry. Instead, I found myself working mostly among people through pastoral care, whilst taking on technical support roles - both of which I enjoy - people and technology. Much of my personal journey has been shared on my personal blog at Indescribable Love, where I share my walk and faith in the LORD Jesus Christ.

In recent years, I was fortunate to land my feet in a cybersecurity job, which I thought was my 'dream job' but I quickly found myself frustrated with the limited manoeuvre to grow in my newfound skills. I lacked the confidence and I felt we were ill-equipped to do the job effectively, especially when I was part of a young cohort to join a newly-established team. I also didn't expect my previous security skills in systems administration would be made redundant in exchange for maintaining Excel spreadsheets. Amongst other things, I experienced the infamous 'imposter syndrome'. During the Christmas holiday season of 2017/18, I returned to Treehouse to learn some Python, as a way to stimulate my interest in the programming side of cybersecurity and to better learn SQL injections and XSS (Cross-site scripting). I soon found myself more driven to re-learn programming than consult the CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) book on Internet protocols.

7 months into the cybersecurity job and still no light of formal training - despite it being promised at the job interview, I decided to let go of the job on mutual terms and pursue my self studies during the summer of 2018. I stepped back from my gung-ho career track to expand my technical skillset in the areas of software development, systems administration and cloud technologies through continuing personal development.

I recently secured a web administration role for a local FE institution, which is a role I favoured in a long time with a view to grow in my programming skills. Despite my part-time hours, I am very excited at the prospect of working on multiple projects that utilise trending web technologies and cool electronics including IoT (Internet of Things) and VR headsets. Because, there is less red tape and bureaucracy, there is room to develop my skills on the job and even take lead on some exciting projects. Even better, there is room to be creative and develop relationships with teams and colleagues.

I hope to share my personal journey in all things programming, and I am keen to cover on new topics including electronics and circuitry. Who knows, I may even solidify my technical understanding of programming that I can re-use for a cybersecurity role, but I know I desire a creative role where I can express, create and solve problems.

Depending on the type of projects that I wish to craft and eventually share with the open source community, I am considering setting up a Patreon page, purely to fund my DigitalOcean droplets and Treehouse $25/mo membership. Either that, or an affiliated link. I am keen on the former, as I want to expand my creative skillset in graphic, audio and video.

Time will tell. Above all, thank you for stopping by.